Call Brian (Tim) Mangum about your ideas and plans for remodeling, rebuilding. Where there is sudden water intrusion in an existing structure we have responded to nightime emergency calls.

Action for Water Damage &/or Mold Intrusion - call Mangum & Sons 419-408-5890


Water Damage or Water Penetration

Mold in/under any occupied structure

Action is the KEY to water penetration to any structure. Whether it's a backed up drain or creek overflow, or from a damaged roof or whatever...... the sooner you call us the less damage is likely to your property. We've handled water damage situations from small to full house basements. Many may be covered by your owners insurance. So call as soon as you can to arrange for an inspection should you be faced with some type of sudden water situation.

Water damage can come from as single an issue as a leaking valve seat or waterline in a shower wall between baths or rooms. Undetected for a long time it can require complete replacement of floors, walls, and even ceilings. A periodic pest control inspection usually reveals leaks if there is a basement or space under the building.

An additional clue is when you hear water dripping in the quiet of night and cannot find a faucet or valve showing the drip.

Mold comes from water penetration of your home or office. It can affect you quickly, within 48 hours, causing a variety of reactions and a serious health issue. Action is critical as it can do more damage than most people realize. It's an insidious process that spreads into places you may not see, like behind and below walls, under floor surfaces, and other ways. Hopefully you will not experience smelling it before you see it!!

It is important to stop mold as soon as possible so call us at 491-408-5890 day or night for our professional help as soon as you detect it.

Water damage & mold can co-exist. It just depends on the local situation after water entered into &/or under a building; ranging from rain after a wind-torn roof, to rising water in or under the house because the local creek was unable to drain into the river from a high crest resulting from heavy rains.

Action! Call Mangum & Sons 419-408-5890 References on request.


With water damage the longer you wait to take action the more complicated and costly it will become. It needs to be caught immediately. Opening to determine extent of damage process can be messy. Where necessary areas are cut open and our professional equipment can test and then dry out the areas. Then, once completely dry, replacement construction or rebuilding proceeds until it's restored and ready for occupancy


Certified in Water Damage and Mold Remediation means we've studied the processes, problems, safe solutions, and those not safe and passed testing for IICRC certification for both.

Remediation is Reversing or Stopping Environmental Damage. For mold it is countering the effect, and its removal – safely. In Lead Free situations it's about protecting you and your family.

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